Behind Observers

by Interstellar Sequence

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For this minialbum I collected various rarities, different mixes and unused stuff from my last two albums. There is nothing really new; it's only for fans of my previous material. Thank you for your support.

--- Midnight Exclusive Version 17 ---
I made 17 versions of this remix, each with different sounds and sequence variations. Each CDR of the 16 pieces of limited edition 2016 contains one version, unique just for that CDR. Version 17 is one more version I made, to give you an idea what's this track about. It's again different from all other versions, as I always started from the album version.

--- First Light Ending ---
The short ending from early version of First Light, created during 3 hours in December 2015.

--- Observer Themes ---
When I start on new track, I often create some motives, I use some to build the track and the rest is still in the file, but I never get back to it. Recently I made some digging in my files and I put together several motives, which I found interesting. These motives were created for the Observers album, but were never used.

--- Lunar Themes ---
I made even deeper digging and I found several motives from 2014, which I didn't use when I worked on the album Back To The Moon.

--- Captain Cutshaw ---
I made this track in June 2014; it was one of first tracks for Back To The Moon. It was built on dialog from picture The Ninth Configuration (1980), which nicely documents the atmosphere I wanted to put to the album. However I didn't use it in this original shape.

--- Paint The Sky With Starships ---
Another track from June 2014, made with contest presets for the vst synth Bazille. I never liked this track very much, sometimes things just don't work. I wanted something different, which actually formed later in track Launch Sequence. For Observers I made shorter remix of this track, where I removed that unusable solo here.

--- 16 Sequences Of Midnight ---
Collection of main sequences from all 16 versions of Midnight Exclusive, in order from 01 to 16. All owners of the limited CDR 2016 should be able to find their version's sequence here.

--- Optical Train (Berlin Version) ---
I have a friend who insists that first part of Optical Train is best without solos. This version is for him. I also heard that this sounds more like Berlin school; maybe it will gain some fans.


released September 1, 2016

All music created between April 2014 - August 2016, using various VST synthesizers. Pictures taken from the ESO image archive of VLT in Paranal.




Interstellar Sequence Decin, Czech Republic

Fan of electronic music from 1970s and 1980s, trying to make music in the same domain.

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